Retaliation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Retaliation:

But one of the German submarines was to go to the bottom in retaliation.

The colonists dared not exhibit the slightest spirit of retaliation.

He was in such trouble that he feared to drive his wife to retaliation; and yet he must do his duty.

The reckoning, the retribution, the retaliation to be just must be most stern.

There seemed to be nothing for it but to wait and pray for some means of retaliation.

It was nothing but a weak attempt at retaliation, John thought.

This seizure was evidently made for purposes of retaliation.

And so far they had made no move to lift their flyers for retaliation blasts.

It was a year from that time before any retaliation was attempted.

The law of retaliation also, "an eye for an eye," was a law.