Reassurance [noun]

Definition of Reassurance:

help, aid

Synonyms of Reassurance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reassurance:

Sentence/Example of Reassurance:

Now, however, the young man had regained some measure of reassurance.

He quieted her cluckings with a word of reassurance, and went himself to open.

Her eyes smiled into mine with a reassurance that was like balm.

His paleness shook her, and she raised a hand of reassurance.

He was supposed to take the piece of grim humour as a reassurance.

He stared at Nehmon, seeking in the old man's face some answer, some reassurance.

There was a distinct note of reassurance and hopefulness in the air.

The reassurance on that point had set him fairly at his ease.

But there was a kind of reassurance in such hearty skepticism.

But then it was as if he found at a stroke both his own reassurance and his daughter's.