Louse [noun]

Definition of Louse:

bad person

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Sentence/Example of Louse:

All louse species, he notes, even those that live on humans, need to stick with their host animals to survive.

While a counsellor was pleading at the Irish bar, a louse unluckily peeped from under his wig.

The itch-mite (Acarus scabiei) and the louse (Pediculus capitis, corporis, vel pubis) are the more common members of the group.

The good influence of the operations of the Trinity louse might be shown by many interesting instances.

The messengers came to the house of Xmucane, who, filled with alarm, dispatched a louse to carry the summons to her grandsons.

Brisk as a body-louse she trips,Clean as a penny drest; Sweet as a rose her breath and lips,Round as the globe her breast.

Proof, in the monkeys and rodents who use their hands only to climb trees, louse themselves, and crack nuts.

I remember well my first lone "beggar louse," and how pretty I thought it was!

The louse which infests the human body, makes a very curious appearance through a microscope.

I walked down to the yards, a quarter of a mile away, and there first saw the hop louse.