Frump [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Frump:

The best scholar in her class, she was never called a grind and she was far from being a frump.

We might as well be in a desert island,” continued Vera, “shut up from everything with an old frump.

Miss Waller had a horror of being classed as a frump; instead, she prided herself on being exceedingly modern and up-to-date.

One thing was the same every time; they were never to cross or frump her, any way, but to humour and please her in everything.

The people inside the shop stood up, with their mouths full of cake, and out came an old frump with a terrible hat and a fringe.

A few moments later Courtlandt saw a smile of malice part her lips, for he found himself between Celeste and the inevitable frump.

He broke off, staring at the frump, who was making signs with her eyes, frowning and beckoning him with her green flower-pot.

As for the frump, she suddenly opened the door, stepped down and then up again, but this time behind the steering wheel.

As for the frump, she frankly and harshly laughed, and then moved up a speed, just as a south-bound express took the station.

For the frump was sitting there behind the steering wheel, looking down at me in a nasty, sidewise fashion.