Theoretical [adjective]

Definition of Theoretical:


Opposite/Antonyms of Theoretical:

Sentence/Example of Theoretical:

What is the use of the theoretical belief in free-will in this case?

No longer was his grievance sentimental, theoretical or abstract.

If so, should it be on examination or certificate, for practical or theoretical work, or both?

These objections are not of a purely abstract or theoretical character.

The psychologists were certainly not to be blamed for sticking to their theoretical interests.

All matters of a technical or theoretical nature have been omitted.

That was just theoretical, a case for solution, nothing but an ordinary job.

After all, have not some of us with the good of labor at heart been a bit too theoretical?

I see the theoretical question but what has Achilles' Ship to do with it?

This must include both the theoretical and the practical work.