Distinguishable [adjective]

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The company is also testing six small thermal cameras on the property that use an algorithm to distinguish human and vehicle motion from other types of movement in video clips.

It essentially has to first learn what the sort of distinguishing features between those categories are rather than being prompted.

Some states distinguish between conservatorship as covering financial matters and guardianship as covering personal matters, but California, where Spears lives, calls both conservatorships.

Collective online experiences are poised to further distinguish themselves from traditional events as they become more accessible and offer more customization and connection.

People who report penicillin allergies can have a genetic variation on an immune system gene that helps the body distinguish between our own cells and harmful bacteria and viruses.

We need help sometimes to distinguish between what would feel really good in a visceral way right now and what ultimately is the kind of change that I want to see in the world.

Bats may even be able to distinguish between similar-looking objects.

As Election Day approaches, Americans must take care to distinguish between relatively harmless election mishaps and cases of true malfeasance.

This is especially useful for observing in infrared wavelengths, and in this case it helped researchers distinguish molecular water from hydroxyl compounds on the moon.

That distinguishes them from, say, the confusingly named Apple Wallet, which is actually a platform built on top of the traditional credit card system.