Cosmic [adjective]

Definition of Cosmic:

limitless; universal

Synonyms of Cosmic:

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Sentence/Example of Cosmic:

Radiation produced by cosmic rays would have an even greater effect.

This latter stage is the one in which the photons corresponding to cosmic microwave background radiation are emitted.

If confirmed, this would be the first FRB detected within our galaxy, as well as the most compelling evidence of magnetars as a source of these cosmic sparks.

Indeed, parasites and pathogens could pursue a species through time and space—a kind of cosmic Red Queen scenario.

To pin down the cosmic clumpiness, researchers studied the orientation of 21 million galaxies with the Kilo-Degree Survey at the Paranal Observatory in Chile.

Thanks to this sort of time-machine, we can measure different distances in space at different cosmic times, helping us work out how quickly the universe is expanding.

Just as light rays can be pictured as a well-behaved collection of photons, gravitational waves — ripples in space-time created by violent cosmic processes — are thought to be made up of gravitons.

In that case, weak magnetism should exist everywhere, even in the “voids” of the cosmic web — the very darkest, emptiest regions of the universe.

They started from the fact that cosmic ray showers, like DNA strands, have handedness.

An experiment searching for cosmic dark matter may have finally detected something.