Cosmopolitan [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cosmopolitan:

He was mentally so cosmopolitan, so much at ease in the world, that here in London he readily found himself at home indeed.

As he spoke he gesticulated slightly, and no second glance was needed to realise that he was a thorough-going cosmopolitan.

In certain moods he possessed that dash and devil-may-care air which pleases most women, providing the man is a cosmopolitan.

He was a marvellously alert man, an unusually good linguist, and a cosmopolitan to his finger-tips.

No second glance at Fetherston was needed to ascertain that he was a most thorough-going cosmopolitan.

So far as the doctor was concerned he was ever active in receiving reports from his cosmopolitan friends abroad.

In this connection it must be remembered that the composition of the Roman legions was largely cosmopolitan.

We mingled with a cosmopolitan crowd and developed the complexions (not only in our faces) of an Othello family.

It was, therefore, as a cosmopolitan, commercial city that the Romans first came into prominence.

The Briton is daily becoming more cosmopolitan, his outlook more world-wide.