Doff [verb]

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And feeding high, and living soft,Grew plump and able-bodied; Until the grave churchwarden doff'd,The parson smirk'd and nodded.

Daniel was obliged to doff his black coat and put on a blue one, made for a much smaller man, and then he appeared amongst us.

The task is now 12 doffs a day—each doff requiring a change of 208 bobbins.

Then, when it came my turn, I would doff my hat to the earth and beg pardon for continuing a comparatively futile existence.

With cheers of relief we were permitted to doff our bulky life belts.

He knew that to-morrow he must doff his honors and be as he had been before.

A right instinct sent him tiptoe over his lawn, another made him doff his mortarboard.

English Wat, attend me alone, and the rest of you end your revelry, and doff your mumming habits.

Perhaps the word "doff" or the first syllable of Boston, when properly pronounced, gives the right impression.

Road-makers are at work cutting stones or repairing here and there; they doff their faded berrets in greeting.