Hut [noun]

Definition of Hut:

tiny, often roughly built, house

Synonyms of Hut:

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Sentence/Example of Hut:

Glacier is one of the few parks in the country with fully operational mountain huts dating back to 1913.

While there are no chairlifts—everything is human-powered—Bluebird provides ski patrol, guides, gear rentals and lessons, a lodge and warming hut, and avalanche courses.

Buy now I always have at least two pairs of gloves with me while winter camping, whether I’m headed to a backcountry ski hut or car camping in the desert.

Instead, the movie showcased Native islanders living in ancient huts that are, in reality, historically preserved tourist attractions.

Blizzards are a classic example of too much of a good thing, too fast, causing visibility issues that can create problems when skiers try to get back to their car or hut from the backcountry.

He also says to trust your instinct when deciding to return to your car or hut, as long as you have some visibility and a GPS plot your route.

To advance in such circumstances was out of the question, he therefore set about building a miniature hut of snow.

The hut was barely high enough to let him sit up, and long enough to let him lie down—not to stretch out.

The foster-child remained behind to share the hut of the political exile.

It was only a hut of rough boards, carelessly knocked together for a shepherd's temporary home.