Hutch [noun]

Definition of Hutch:

a cupboard

Synonyms of Hutch:

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Sentence/Example of Hutch:

They have a large built-in hutch that’s full of office and school supplies.

Hutch is an old word for chest or coffer, chiefly used now in the compound ‘rabbit-hutch.’

And I suppose they've got a rabbit hutch, and a monkey, and some white mice?

I sat by the hutch and studied the interesting group till I was so stiff with cold that I could hardly walk back to my tent.

There was her bow standing in a nook beside the hutch, and the quiver of arrows hanging on the wall above it.

At the foot of the latter stood the huge "hutch," or chest, in which were deposited for safety the family plate and valuables.

He hoped that if he made a hutch, Providence would supply a rabbit.

There wasnt much chatting just then, although Hutch called cheerfully enough for a score.

When all was said and done, perhaps Hutch might have chosen more wisely had he risked a forward-pass on that final down.

The best description of hutch-trap (which many prefer to the gin-trap) is made entirely of wire, excepting the bottoms.