Divider [noun]

Definition of Divider:

protection used in or as furniture, motion picture display

Synonyms of Divider:

Opposite/Antonyms of Divider:


Sentence/Example of Divider:

That included constructing table dividers, enforcing temperature checks, placing hand sanitizer on each table, and more.

When there comes weariness the divider, and calls the soul away to strange, distant parts, how is one to stay here?

Always feed yourself with the fork; a knife is only used as a divider.

It lacked the master-wheel, the reel and the divider, without which the grain cannot be rightly handled.

Across the divider the traffic was heavier, autos speeding crazily ahead in the direction he was walking; none stopped.

The way the building is built, it seems like this is more or less a long window with a divider in the middle.

The same firm which brought out this dough divider has also produced a dough-moulding machine, which has a wide range of work.

He then moved the divider wholly off the line, and made two more judgments, beginning his movement from the other end of the line.

Its rle throughout all of its history has been that of a divider rather than that of a binder together of tribes and races.

Now, is there a concrete divider somewhere here on Elm Street?