Jilt [verb]

Definition of Jilt:

abandon, betray

Synonyms of Jilt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jilt:

Sentence/Example of Jilt:

The staid sober lover—let him take care the pretty Clara does not jilt him.

To "jilt," to throw or dash water on a person; "gellock" (gavelock), an iron lever or crowbar.

Only I shouldn't consider it honourable to jilt Prosy, even for the sake of remaining single.

He treated the forlorn victim of a woman's jilt as a notable worthy of notable entertainment.

Is it possible, then, that she did really jilt the young man?

If she be a jilt—Damn her, she is one—there's her name at the bottom on't.

The story of a girl who was compelled by her mother to jilt her true love and marry some one else.

What would they have said if I had allowed her to jilt the tailor and marry the good-looking young lord?

She shall know that a sister's love is stronger than the hate of a jilt—even if you did kill her.

For the rest, your wife will know how "to cuckold, jilt, and sham" as well as any gay lady of Covent Garden.