Assigned [verb]

Definition of Assigned:

select and give a responsibility

Synonyms of Assigned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assigned:

Sentence/Example of Assigned:

The actor, whose name was Taylor, could not remember the name assigned to him in his part of the play.

Leave the girl to grow up in the station to which God has assigned her, no matter by whose human hands the deed was done.

An insurance policy may be assigned, though it usually contains a clause that the consent of the insurer is needful.

It is ninety-seven miles due East from the situation assigned to Dampier's Rocks.

The funds assigned some years before for the support of the civil list had fallen short of the estimate.

Thus a policy taken out for a wife's benefit is often assigned by her and her husband to his creditors to secure their debts.

I was lodged with Indian luxury, having a drawing-room, a bed-room, and a bath-room especially assigned to me.

In any event, ChaucerPg 263 certainly lived in Woodstock—very likely in the house assigned to him today.

Some Pennsylvania coal miners in one Union regiment were assigned the task of making the tunnel and laying the mine.

Every gentleman of the legation had a gamekeeper specially assigned to him.