Fixated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Fixated:

In the end, the digital ad industry will be forced to move away from the one-to-one goal that we’ve fixated on for too long.

A big city, in his conception, is one that focuses on its biggest problems, rather than fixating on its smallest ones.

It’s just, he said, that a big city needs to fix them, rather than fixating on them.

It’s a reality that most of us choose to ignore because we are fixated on inbound marketing.

Another man fixated on QAnon fatally shot a New York crime family figure in 2019.

A young man has been unusually long and intensely fixated upon his mother in the sense of the Oedipus complex.

The eye was first fixated on the light-spot, and then moved horizontally away toward either the right or the left.

The phenomenon appeared only when the illuminated spot had been fixated for an appreciable period of time.

Breuer's first hysterical patient was fixated in the same manner upon the time when she nursed her very sick father.

The digits must be so firmly fixated in memory that they can be held there long enough to be told off, one by one, backwards.