Gravelly [adjective]

Definition of Gravelly:

consisting of fine, loose grains

Synonyms of Gravelly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gravelly:


Sentence/Example of Gravelly:

They walked through the gravelly business streets and out into the suburbs, where log cabins alternated with tents.

In August and September the females gather about the mouths of gravelly brooks, whither they resort to make their spawning beds.

Light sandy soils or loose gravelly soils will not give such good results.

Ralph accordingly gathered the bedding in a bundle and stole down to the boat, the bow of which was drawn upon the gravelly bank.

Tho' the Soil at Darmstadt is very gravelly, it produces excellent Pulse.

And there were snags, and broken beer and whiskey bottles all over the bottom where it was decent and gravelly.

This carried us to army headquarters, which were established south of Gravelly Run in an old cornfield.

The corps had no artillery present, its batteries, on account of the mud, being still north of Gravelly Run.

This is a beautiful clear stream, about one hundred yards wide, with a rapid current over a gravelly bottom.

Much of the bottom land about the fort is inclined to be gravelly, but produces well.