Extras [noun]

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Among other extras, the little fellow's hair was treated to a liberal supply of eau de cologne, to his huge gratification.

Now the road was in disorder, every train far behind time, and two "extras" were approaching us.

Medicine and "medical extras" supplied to the paupers in their homes have been included in the term Outdoor Medical Relief.

Doug takes Mary under his wing and ploughs through as though he were doing a scene and the crowd were extras.

When he awoke it was nearly dusk and past six o'clock, as he knew by the newsboys calling the sporting extras on the street below.

Life Knox and several others had gone off on a scout for "extras."

Part of the provisions consisted of raisins and almonds which had been taken as extras or "perks," as they were usually called.

Among the numerous extras was a "Ballad theme with variations," which the more exacting critics considered somewhat out of place.

"Extras" lay upon vacant seats and showed from the pockets of hanging coats.

The ordinary participants in the filming of a picture—the “extras”—seldom know much about the story.