Welfare [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Welfare:

Wealth is not inimical to welfare; it ought to be its friendliest agency.

But a rest on one day out of seven is necessary also for the welfare of the body.

Before, he had thought only of the horse's welfare; now it was a matter of his own life.

For their interests he neglected his own safety and the welfare of France.

They exhorted her to be of cheerful mind, and to fear nothing for her future welfare.

All the propositions which he introduced were for the welfare and benefit of the people.

But what are their lives to the welfare of the universe, for which he exists.

Or he may have undertaken to keep Davenport informed about our welfare.

Sure I am that your conduct is not dictated by a regard for my ease or my welfare.

I have given you my name; at this very moment I am considering your welfare.