Radial [adjective]

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The radial velocity is, numerically, greater than could have been supposed.

The first three have bilateral, the last has radial symmetry.

By this process, only the central boards would be radial or "rift" boards.

That the positions of the camera should not be parallel but radial.

But this radial formula is just as applicable to Richardson's E. lucius: 'D.

The radial formula of its fins and size of scales are also much the same.

They are the straight-line engine, the V-type, and the radial.

Six radial spines three-sided prismatic, half as broad as the inner medullary shell, with three dentated edges.

Both shells connected by six radial beams, which are three-sided prismatical, opposite in pairs in the three dimensive axes.

Twelve to twenty radial spines pyramidal, longer than the radius, scarcely as broad as one mesh at the base.