Weed [noun]

Definition of Weed:

grass, pot

Synonyms of Weed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weed:


Sentence/Example of Weed:

It's noways likely that I'd take the trouble to make up a lie about that weed.

That weed was sure a corker for smell as well as smoke, Uncle Jim!

I thought you'd get wool-gathering over some weed or another, and maybe I'd overtake you.

Like all thistles this will become a weed if not kept down with a firm hand.

Gigantically, Atlas-like, that sheet upholds Seward and Weed.

The ash fell from the cigar as Mauville held the weed before his eyes.

She for a time was swept about, a weed in this fury of storm.

They fetched the weed and handed it reverently to the Curate.

He rose, grasping in his teeth the kreel of weed and shells.

Garget in the udder, or weed, is also to be guarded against.