Tree [noun]

Definition of Tree:

large plant enclosed in bark and shedding leaves

Synonyms of Tree:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tree:


Sentence/Example of Tree:

Her lover played upon his flute, while she leaned against a tree and listened.

Often, during a thunderstorm a tree had been hit by lightning.

Marked a tree close to the camp F 85, being 85th camp from Geraldton.

Left a pack-saddle frame and two pack-bags hanging on a tree.

From the camp only plains were in sight, not a tree visible.

Marked a tree sixty yards south of camp F 74, being 74th camp from Geraldton.

That it is one tree seems to be evident from the growth of the bark only on the outside.

The tree gave a pleasant shade, and he had thrown his sombrero on a chair.

And the clipped privet bush by the trellis and the may tree by the gate.

He will never fly at your elephant, or climb a tree, or take to the water after you!