Mosaic [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mosaic:

The mosaic border to the frame is quite unique in its design.

Even the floors of some of his rooms are made in mosaic pictures.

The Derbyshire marbles are quarried all about, and mosaic manufacture is carried on.

In some of these churches the decorations are chiefly in mosaic, and are extremely striking.

Compositions so produced are to poetry what mosaic is to painting.

The cornice and the mosaic inscription of the frieze are 1943 feet long.

The Mosaic law is explicit in matters relating to bondservants.

Compare the requirement under the Mosaic administration, Deut.

Mosaic, as is well-known, is the most permanent of all the processes of decorative art.

Hence the Italian musaico, the French mosaique, and our English mosaic.