Commendable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Commendable:

The Ohio tobacco growers have shown a spirit of enterprise in this direction that is as commendable as it is rare.

With commendable enterprise he had fitted up a portion of his barn and had labeled it "Motor Garage" in huge letters.

The reading desk is a commendable article, and with care will last a considerable period.

He was looking at her out of the same solemn assurance that it had been commendable in him to preserve that romantic loyalty.

In a statement printed in the "Courier," Bassett had accepted defeat in a commendable spirit of resignation.

Mrs. Wheaton has done much commendable work not only in Chattanooga but from one end of the land to the other.

No honourable or commendable thing can find any place with a bad man; therefore, neither can a benefit.

With most commendable promptness, but without that caution which a battery commander learns to observe only by experience.

The harmless and commendable victories of peace always result from well-developed manhood.

For this her motive was commendable, although I will not determine whether she did it well or ill.