Industrial [adjective]

Definition of Industrial:

related to manufacturing

Synonyms of Industrial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Industrial:

Sentence/Example of Industrial:

The “industrial scale” of the plant’s gene theft is also impressive, he says.

Crews will remove and replace the 120-by-70-foot sign, one of the last, most visible vestiges of Baltimore’s once-mighty industrial past.

In its analysis, that period stands in for the time before the industrial age, which began in the mid-1700s.

The new upgrades are already rolling out, so if you’re in charge of a giant industrial company, it’s time to get your orders in.

There’s something difficult to reconcile watching Spot walk up a flight of stairs in some industrial setting.

Yet under China’s existing industrial structure, which relies on energy-driven heavy industry to generate growth, this effort is bound to undermine pollution control efforts.

In both the ship track studies and the simulations of industrial pollution, clouds initially brighten and produce a cooling effect.

The people in the room are from industrial agriculture so of course the policies they are influencing reflect their interests.

The newsrooms showed how emissions of cancer-causing chemicals from clusters of large industrial facilities in seven parishes along the lower Mississippi River combine to increase overall air toxicity for nearby residents.

First, we learned in the 20th century how to tether industrial capitalism to democracy and create a more equal and prosperous society.