Faux [adjective]

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Things like wear and tear of fabric are less likely with quality mesh, leather, or faux leather.

With the interior you have more options, some hats still use real fur or shearling to insulate while others employ faux fur, polyester blends to wick moisture away while keeping you warm.

From the street, the windows looked normal, but they offered almost no view of the house’s interior — most faced faux doors or walls.

As my world shrunk ever smaller, I began keeping a faux schedule.

It was made with a new plant-based faux tuna called Good Catch, and while I can’t exactly say it changed my life, it definitely changed my lunch.

While faux plants have gotten a bad rap over the years, there are many beautiful and realistic looking options available.

Macy’s, last year, pointed to that trend, the rise of new fabric technology, and the popularity of faux fur in explaining its decision.

"And you leave about your faux commencements, as M. Ballompre would call them, for us to stumble over," said Margaret.

A sledging cook will often make a disagreeable faux pas by extinguishing the primus in the preparation of hoosh.

Tilliard blushed, partly on account of the faux pas he had made last June, partly on account of the restaurant.