Yard [noun]

Definition of Yard:

grassy area around a structure

Synonyms of Yard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yard:


Sentence/Example of Yard:

Just then Ben Haley, looking from the window, saw some chickens in the yard.

But when K., growing uneasy, came out into the yard, the engine had started at last.

Seeing the crowd, Wilson drove directly to the yard and parked his machine.

And if I had seen a sheet flying around the yard I would have picked it up.

But I has not a man in the yard as can ride since Will died.

I did not know you had been in a yard before—says you were the pet at Elmore's in London.

He swung himself on—near—near—nearer—a yard from the parapet.

His crops were taken from his field, and his cattle from his yard.

We do here in Albany; rather, I'm going to have one in my yard.

Four horses, that had been only fourteen miles, had just re-entered the yard.