Lawn [noun]

Definition of Lawn:

cultivated area of green grass

Synonyms of Lawn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lawn:


Sentence/Example of Lawn:

He also got caught up in a neighborhood imbroglio when his neighbors in well-heeled Larchmont, New York, figured out who he was and what he had been doing and started lawn signing their neighborhood.

Minute Media has managed to win some clients over the past few months, Routman said, including the charcoal brand Kingsford and the lawn care company Scotts.

Farmers don’t need to irrigate as much, and the same goes for residents sprinkling their lawns.

After the march, the crowd gathered back on the lawn to listen to speakers.

On Thursday, more than 200 students and supporters gathered on the grassy, palm tree-lined lawn of San Diego Unified’s headquarters to demand school leaders defund the police and use the savings on education.

Davy looked around and saw an old man coming toward them across the lawn.

She lit another cigarette, and for a few moments looked silently out of the window at the darkening woods beyond the lawn.

For he saw her looking up into his eyes as once before on the lawn of her English bungalow four months ago.

Nancy Watling deigned no reply to his farewell salutation, but walked indignantly across her moon-lighted lawn.

It had windows opening down to the lawn, and was full of pretty things, works and knick-knacks.