Anatomy [noun]

Definition of Anatomy:

study of animal, plant structure

Synonyms of Anatomy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anatomy:

Sentence/Example of Anatomy:

When a patient climbs into an MRI scanner, it peers inside their body to reveal the complex anatomy within, like the ligaments and tendons in a knee.

People born with a female anatomy will develop breasts and start their menstrual cycle.

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As organisms evolve more complicated systems of development, they may, however, become less able to modify certain aspects of their anatomy.

Quaint old Burton in his "Anatomy of Melancholy," recognizes the virtues of the plant while he anathematizes its abuse.

In the whole of anatomy there is no task so difficult as that of learning the precise attachments of the muscles of the back.

A celebrated Coach in Anatomy says that no one can learn Anatomy until he has learned and forgotten it from three to seven times!

Even in the details of anatomy some long-vanished character suddenly appears.

The anatomy is different, and the light falls on different textures, but the principle is not changed.

They had seen through its entire anatomy in the taproom of the Station Hotel, with beer to solve all difficulties.