Biology [noun]

Definition of Biology:

any branch of natural science

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Sentence/Example of Biology:

Gunnar and others hope to reveal more of the underlying biology behind the reboot.

This study also opens the door for other control measures that alter the biology of locusts themselves.

It expects women and men to behave very differently, from birth forward, simply on the basis of their biology.

Now researchers have proposed a new learning method more closely tied to biology, which they think could help us approach the brain’s unrivaled efficiency.

One key contender is CRISPR, the fast-advancing gene-editing technology that stands to revolutionize synthetic biology and treatment of genetically linked diseases.

He studied the Colorado River while getting a master’s degree in biology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, rafting through the Grand Canyon more than a dozen times in the process.

Unfortunately, “once gene theory took over, it became a biology of things,” said Scott Gilbert, a developmental biologist at Swarthmore College.

In this article, I’ll explore how genome sequencing and editing, along with new classes of anti-aging drugs, are augmenting our biology to further extend our healthy lives.

The Covid-19 High Performance Computing Consortium has assembled 41 supercomputers capable of 483 petaflops to work on 66 projects, including some studying the virus’s biology, potential treatments, and how to improve patient care.

Still, she is excited about how biology might someday play a role in engineering our buildings.