Zoology [noun]

Definition of Zoology:

any branch of natural science

Synonyms of Zoology:

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Sentence/Example of Zoology:

Thus, physiology is an abstract science; but zoology is concrete.

As a matter of fact, zoology is quite as backward as meteorology.

Not until 1895 was there question of his appointment to the chair of zoology in Erlangen.

Greater than Geology and Zoology, as humanity is above the rocks and animals.

The whole school studied Botany and Zoology with Mr. Benjamin.

He is not only a master of zoology, but has a good command of botany and embryology.

In that house lives my father, Richard Bertgang, professor of zoology.

But if we accept that proposition, we descend to zoology, and that I do not wish to do.

What the palaeontologist does for zoology, the prehistorian does for anthropology.

Portrait of Bruce, many of the plates are on Botany and Zoology.