Definiteness [noun]

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The wave function representing an electron, say, is spatially spread out, so that the electron has possible locations rather than a definite one.

Conversations with voters, historians and relationship experts point to a consensus that affairs can be damaging, but aren’t that shocking — or a definite dealbreaker.

During the atoms’ flight, the scientists put the atoms in a state called a quantum superposition, in which particles don’t have one definite location.

Hence when taking these studies into perspective, it is definite that dark theme works well with online video streaming sites.

There’s no definite proposal that the president’s being asked to consider or reject at this point.

He was a great pioneer of philosophy, since he resorted to inductive methods of proof, and gave general definiteness to ideas.

Take, for the sake of definiteness, the remembering of a past event.

But most actual images do not have this degree of definiteness.

Suppose, for the sake of definiteness, that the content is "an egg for breakfast."

The student does not always bring to his work this definiteness of aim; if he did, much precious time would be saved.