Definitiveness [noun]

Definition of Definitiveness:


Synonyms of Definitiveness:

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Sentence/Example of Definitiveness:

These were small groups, so the results are far from definitive.

It is intended to paint the beginnings of a picture rather than be definitive.

“Anyone who thinks they have a definitive number, including the state of Florida, are probably fooling themselves,” Smith said.

The fact that Google has no definitive plans to remove the offensive images speaks to how search engines are designed to work.

If you wait for more definitive efficacy results in adults, it puts you a year behind in kids.

Here’s our definitive guide on how to make the most of your time there.

It turns out to be very difficult to get what I would call a completely definitive and comprehensive answer.

There are some ongoing clinical trials, but no definitive results yet.

However, the purpose of the page needs to be clear with a definitive link to an appropriate call-to-action.

In essence, we must understand that war galley is not exactly a definitive type of warship, but rather a general design upon which different types of warships are based on.