Oneness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Oneness:

"My dear," he said, flattered by the oneness of her love for him.

It was not the continuity of men's lives I felt, but their oneness.

And sameness has been shown to be of a nature distinct from oneness?

He said to me once, “The oneness of two people could make a home in Sahara.”

Somewhere, of course, lies the shore of Brotherhood, and beyond that the shore of Oneness.

To oneness of "doctrine" belonged also oneness of "fellowship."

Oneness in faith and knowledge knits all into a 'perfect man.'

Oneness with those we love is the only goal in which love could rest satisfied.

Thy Holy Spirit can maintain this oneness without interruption.

And he loved with all the abandon and oneness of his nature.