Dram [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dram:

The umpires, having partaken of a dram, shook hands and departed, as they had to drive out of town that night.

A grave-digger was carrying one of these deceased angels to the churchyard, when he stept into a tavern to take a dram.

Dat mean dat I wuz to mix de special dram dat I done learned from my gran'pappy.

They must have a dram together in a stall removed from the congregation of steaming men at the long bar.

What avails the dram of brandy while it swims chemically united with its barrel of wort?

Morsfield poured out for the injured countess or no-countess a dram of the brandy of passion, under the breath.

They exchanged compliments with each other, and, as the day was very cold, proposed lighting a fire and taking a dram together.

Nothing can be done with the other jailers, but this one is a thirsty soul, ever ready to bargain for a dram.

Dr. Trotter asserts, that no drunkard was ever reformed by gradually relinquishing his dram.

I am myself of opinion that it was a dram-bottle, which someone raised a ghost to explain.