Cupboard [noun]

Definition of Cupboard:

storage cabinet

Synonyms of Cupboard:

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Sentence/Example of Cupboard:

These four durable BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic bins are great for maximizing storage space in the refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, cupboards, pantry shelves or inside drawers.

It’s having a boom, and the cupboard for existing homes is now bare.

He would almost certainly yield a boatload of talent and first-round picks to replenish the cupboard with, while resetting the deck during a time in which the Los Angeles clubs will likely be favored out West for at least the next couple seasons.

Olive oil and balsamic never disappoint, but outfitting your cupboard with interesting vinegars is worth it for any devout salad eater.

If an Ireland-based furniture business used the word “press”, it’s highly unlikely any English-speakers outside the country would realize this referred to a kitchen cupboard.

All that scientific bric-a-brac in the cupboard had far better be thrown away.

There was the same cupboard that had been our mountain; here the same chairs that formed our ridges and our valleys.

"Perry Thomas guessed he was an embezzler," said Tim, putting the last dish in the cupboard and sitting down to his pipe.

They produced pumpernickel from one cupboard, and rye-bread and sausage from another, and all began to talk again and eat.

He refilled his glass, and having looked in his cigarette-case, began to ransack a small cupboard.