Mantelpiece [noun]

Definition of Mantelpiece:

jutting, flat area or piece

Synonyms of Mantelpiece:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mantelpiece:


Sentence/Example of Mantelpiece:

Somehow or other his eyes wandered to a picture that rested on a mantelpiece in the room.

Mr Vladimir, arranging his cravat, observed him in the glass over the mantelpiece.

I might sweep and wash off the stove, and—and clean off the mantelpiece.

Maltravers glanced at the clock upon the mantelpiece; it was the hour of nine.

George Featherly, standing with his back to the mantelpiece, smiled unkindly.

Jimmy went over to the mantelpiece, and buried his head on his hands.

He staggered slightly and caught at the mantelpiece for support.

Then he went to take a little glass of cognac which stood on the mantelpiece.

She went slowly round it, examining the bed, the mantelpiece, and every corner.

You'll find some spare clay pipes and tobacco on the mantelpiece by the clock.