Unpaid [adjective]

Definition of Unpaid:

free, voluntary

Synonyms of Unpaid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unpaid:



Sentence/Example of Unpaid:

Mazarin has dismissed me from his service unjustly and unpaid.

She was, however, unpaid, so that she was rather a friendly guest than an employée.

All accounts of unpaid taxes were burned in front of the palace.

The man retired, puzzled and unpaid, and Ukridge kept the clockwork toy.

A half-paid Poet is oftentimes the Occasion of an unpaid Taylor.

Their dues were unpaid, the pages of the Golden Book of Record were blank.

What if they should hang in our closets unworn and unpaid for?

I'm sure half his bills are unpaid yet, and never will be paid.

Under the first, Slavery, all labor appears as unpaid labor.

I was in the dumps, thinking of my unpaid rent, frightened about the future.