Slanderous [adjective]

Definition of Slanderous:


Synonyms of Slanderous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slanderous:

Sentence/Example of Slanderous:

They had gone to the king, and filled his ear with slanderous reports.

This, I may mention, is a slanderous libel on me, but it sounds all right as Dolly says it.

I am tired, too,—tired of all these rumors and slanderous insinuations.

One cannot impute to them any vice, unless they are a little too slanderous.

No slanderous tongues, but my own ears, are evidence against you.

You parted us—as I now believe by a cowardly and slanderous falsehood.

They do not trust to writings and arguments, but attack me with slanderous tricks.

Nothing in the world can secure you from censorious, slanderous tongues.

Shall the silver of the Silver Foxes be tarnished by that slanderous card?

We cast back on Mr. Wilson his insolent and slanderous interpretation.