Offending [verb]

Definition of Offending:

displease, insult

Synonyms of Offending:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offending:

Sentence/Example of Offending:

You, I know, lay this to his fearfulness of disobliging or offending.

This was the whole front of her offending; yet I was so disappointed that I wanted to be brutal.

And Ray heard no more complaints about the offending little name.

She was not afraid of offending Jimmy or of hurting his feelings.

But, offending no one, and interfering with no one, how have I been treated in my turn?

She had remembered this time to shed the offending apron, but she carried it in her hand.

Mr. Hungerford, pawing in the darkness at the offending footstool, swore.

He meant to say green, but had a purpose in not offending Paul.

His daughter darted to him regardless of the offending incense.

We are self-centered, free-willed; immune from any possibility of offending the universe.