Creditable [adjective]

Definition of Creditable:


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Sentence/Example of Creditable:

Those whose intentions were strictly creditable, by some malignancy of fate, possessed no influence whatever.

A credit—but that which is creditable to the African, cannot disgrace any into whose veins his blood may chance to flow.

And indeed it was a creditable party; it would almost unanimously call itself, next day, a delightful one.

Even the celebrated Mark Tapley would have considered the circumstances were fairly creditable.

Sometimes there is more cry than wool in it; but taken altogether, and considering the place, it is creditable.

Immediately adjoining the chapel there is good school accomodation; and the attendance appears to be very creditable.

If long service speaks well for a place, the facts we have given are creditable alike to the church and the officials.

Shoeblossom leaped back with a readiness highly creditable in one who was not a professional acrobat.

But, however creditable this origin is to medicine, its partnership with theology was no particular advantage to it.

The engravings and sculpture are likewise very creditable to the institution this season.