Unworthiness [noun]

Definition of Unworthiness:

the quality of being mean

Opposite/Antonyms of Unworthiness:

Sentence/Example of Unworthiness:

She was as much to blame as he; and for her unworthiness was he to be left to suffer?

The weight which pressed him down was the sense of his unworthiness.

Pete mistook Philip's hesitation for a silent commentary on his own unworthiness.

I am punished for the unworthiness of my offering and the unworthiness of the cause in which I offered it.

I admit it; but it is with unworthiness that we must combat unworthiness.

He realized, perhaps, not quite all this—and to the unworthiness of it all he gave no thought.

That never boggled at unworthiness if there was the slightest reason for compassion.

The bravery of her smile served to increase my sense of unworthiness.

If we fully obtain our desires, we prove their unworthiness.

The unworthiness of the minister affects not the validity of his consecrated acts.