Beastliness [noun]

Definition of Beastliness:

the quality of being mean

Opposite/Antonyms of Beastliness:

Sentence/Example of Beastliness:

I can't think why the deuce-dickens that sort of beastliness is always called seeing life.

They show forth a world of beastliness and bankruptcy; they picture life as a purposeless hell.

The intelligence in his bold gaze made the beastliness of it all the harder to endure, all the stronger to arouse.

I asked Fitzsimmons why he was shocked, and he said, “By the obscenity of the thing—by its unparalleled beastliness.”

Who is that man fallen against the curbstone, covered with bruises and beastliness?

If efficacious in preventing the Small-Pox, I objected to it merely on the score of its beastliness.

There is beastliness and depravity under his roof compared with which no chapter in the world's history is equal.

It's a superb day, and we are back at ——, one of our old billets, right away from the beastliness.

It was sheer beastliness, the din that echoed through that narrow passage.

There is not a word said in deprecation of the beastliness of the king or the vindictiveness of the hero and the heroine.