Reunion [noun]

Definition of Reunion:

social gathering

Synonyms of Reunion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reunion:


Sentence/Example of Reunion:

The Seventh Day of the seventh month is the festival of their reunion.

The question of the reunion or separation of the sexes plays an important part.

When Hermione contemplated that reunion, she felt that it would be to her intolerable.

It seemed to be of parting, and the hope of reunion, involving one named Irene.

The reunion of Father Griffen, the duke and his wife, was as touching as that of the adventurer.

I knew by frequent experience that I should pay dear for their reunion.

I wish that we could sometime have a reunion of the old battery in Philadelphia.

In spite of my philosophy, I imagined their reunion somehow, somewhere.

They realize it is reunion with those from whom they have long been separated.

Why aren't you out attending the reunion of the Dooley family?