Tonnage [noun]

Definition of Tonnage:

extent or bulk of some dimension

Opposite/Antonyms of Tonnage:

Sentence/Example of Tonnage:

No, and if they begin to object you can talk to them about tonnage.

The Company are paid by a tonnage duty, which they charge to the owners.

It is the road that can handle the tonnage cheapest that will survive.

Their tonnage was fixed at 7,500, and their maximum speed at twenty-two knots.

Her tonnage was twice that of the others; her size about 200 by 75 feet.

The other plan is to make a rate that will move the tonnage.

The flag-ship, meaning the war-ship of most tonnage, inquired why.

They've a regular tariff on tonnage, same for yachts as for liners.

He next mentioned her tonnage and armament, and indeed everything about her.

The tonnage of man is estimated by the amount of whiskey he can displace in a day.