Clinker [adjective]

Definition of Clinker:

not sounding right

Synonyms of Clinker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clinker:

Sentence/Example of Clinker:

They were all clinker built of yellow pine, double fastened with copper nails, clinched over rooves.

"Well, we are here," said Artie, after Clinker's wound had been examined and dressed.

They, the clinker canoes, are easily tightened when they spring a leak through being rattled over stones in rapids.

And now I will give my reasons for preferring the clinker-built cedar boat, or canoe, to any other.

There is only one objection to the clinker-built canoe that occurs to me as at all plausible.

The shell or body looked like a clinker-built boat of twenty-five or thirty tons, bottom up, and the seams of the laps newly paid.

They aim to pull Joe Stalin off his clinker-picking job and make him secretary here.

Oh, Captain Clinker, do come and tell me what they're supposed to be doing out there, and whether they've begun yet.

Toward noon Poche was carefully feeling his way down the rocky caon of Clinker Creek, over a forgotten road.

One day he appeared at the Clinker Creek bar and exhibited a beautiful stone.