Cognize [verb]

Definition of Cognize:

understand information

Opposite/Antonyms of Cognize:

Sentence/Example of Cognize:

Take away matter, and mortal mind could not cognize its own so-called substance, and this so-called mind would have no identity.

We can only cognize the ever-succeeding phenomena of existence as a line in continuous and eternal evolution.

Man is more than physical personality, or what we cognize through the material senses.

We should not seek to perceive an object otherwise than by the faculty that is suitable to cognize it.

See'st thou, then, how all things in cognizing use rather their own faculty than the faculty of the things which they cognize?

By spiritual advancement, one is able to cognize the breath as an act of mind-a dream-breath.

It is in the recognition or non-recognition of these truths that there is manifested what we cognize as our freedom.

The things we do not see or cognize with the physical senses are called mental, or spiritual.

The assize had no more to cognize upon, but his own confession, yet brought him in guilty.

She also was forced to cognize the enormous advantage of astral attainments over physical conditions and physical powers.