Carriage [noun]

Definition of Carriage:

delivery of freight

Synonyms of Carriage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carriage:


Sentence/Example of Carriage:

Snipers watched from rooftops and windows, and Lincoln had been guarded by infantry and cavalry on his carriage ride through the streets to the Capitol.

Andrew Jackson started the trend of riding to the inauguration in a carriage with his successor, Martin Van Buren, and that has been pretty common throughout history after him.

Yet when I close my eyes, I don’t see my dark hands clutching the carriage seat or holding a goblet of ratafia in the company of the gentry.

Edward Valentine had his studio in a nearby carriage house, which after his death was relocated to the grounds of the museum.

Cross-country ski the many miles of groomed carriage roads throughout the grounds.

Incorporate lace elements, or add bells to the holes of an old leather belt to make carriage jingle bells.

The duopoly also points to how they support the news industry via funding, content licensing programs like Facebook Watch, and carriage fees, while not making much money from news, but still delivering monetizible traffic to publishers.

He replied that he had no objections, provided she did not encumber the carriage with bandboxes, which were his utter abhorrence.

A gentleman got out of a carriage before it stopped, and fell between the rail and the platform.

"She did not think so:" why should she have taken the trouble to look out of the carriage window at me as she said these words?