Rejuvenating [verb]

Definition of Rejuvenating:

make new again

Opposite/Antonyms of Rejuvenating:







Sentence/Example of Rejuvenating:

This is the re-creative and rejuvenating work of the gland secretions.

It looks, General, as if you had been rejuvenating this fine old Castle.

But it is only the monocle which has that rejuvenating effect.

"It is rejuvenating to be out here with the children," returned she.

But all we knew at the time was that we possessed a power for rejuvenating the aged.

And she looked a trifle witchy this morning without the rejuvenating spells of her maid.

Having set herself the surprising undertaking of rejuvenating Mrs. Fleming, Diana went warily to work.

The fact is, that Edith was so pleased over her handiwork, in rejuvenating this fair damsel, that she bubbled over with happiness.

Those dear daughters, at any rate, are something to live for—to show them Italy should be rejuvenating.

But the most refreshing, rejuvenating of all was the thought that at last I could be a little less good.