Rehab [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rehab:

But meanwhile the Rehab Shop was taken over by officers of rank.

I had a rehab to finish, and I was the only one who understood how it had to be done.

The Rehab is the violin of Palestine, and in appearance almost suggests to European eyes a dustpan and brush.

Yes, they probably stayed alive quite a while—or might, except for the rehab crew.

The Rehab Shop was equipped not only to recondition machines but to test them.

Then, to the Engineer, "Do you know how they rehab a planet that's been leveled flat by the golop?"

The reported broadcast was, of course, an interception of the two-way talk from the Rehab Shop.

No work was being done on the rehab, then, and the Liberty Belle would be sitting at her dock.

I let go of her hand and ran down an abbreviated version of the rehab plans, leaving out anything about Debra and her ad-hocs.

Not enough hours in the day for me to stay on top of the new folks, the rehab, everything.