Knockout [noun]

Definition of Knockout:

a blow that knocks unconscious

Synonyms of Knockout:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knockout:


Sentence/Example of Knockout:

It could absolutely break for it in the Champions League knockouts.

AlphaFold triumphed over roughly 100 other teams in a long-running challenge called Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction, or CASP, with a knockout, jaw-dropping performance.

Seven of the nine Americans are on their way to the knockout stage, regardless of what occurs in the final set of group matches next week.

The previous iteration of Iron Mike sought to punish his opponents without mercy in pursuit of an immediate knockout.

Even Tesla’s knockout quarter is failing to lift tech stock futures.

The Dash missed Christine Nairn and Megan Oyster against Portland, but overall, the team seemed to benefit from the longer break between group play and the knockouts.

I hunched my right shoulder and aimed a stiff knockout jolt at the officer's jaw.

I set myself and sent a short knockout punch against his chin.

The effects of a knockout blow, however deftly administered, do not last long.

For the first time in five-and-twenty years of fighting, clean and dirty, Fergus McLaughlin had taken a knockout.